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Africa is our home, we drive her growth. Combining our strong presence in Africa with our global capabilities, we support the aspirations of local and international corporate and financial institutions looking for a banking partner to lead the way across Africa. Standard Bank's client engagement model is centred on commercial mindedness and urgency. We work to understand the needs of our clients and provide trusted advice and appropriate solutions that take into account the risks, regulations and market.
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Trusted insight into key African markets
Standard Bank’s African Markets Revealed is a research report providing detailed, comprehensive, medium term (up to 2 years ahead) forecasts for 21 key African economies. The report evaluates the cyclical and structural evolution of each economy, developments that are likely to have an impact on the balance of payments, the conduct of monetary and fiscal policy. In addition to deriving reasonable forecasts for the evolution of the economic growth, exchange rates and interest rates, the report forms the fundamental basis for identifying actionable foreign exchange hedging strategies and trade ideas for investors looking to partake in the continent’s fixed income and currency markets as well as the Eurobond market.
The African Markets Revealed (AMR) is produced by Standard Bank Research. For clients and investors needing insights into Africa, the AMR is a trusted source of information and analysis to inform African investment strategies.
Released in January, May and September, the AMR includes:
  • A discussion of the prospects for economic growth, noting cyclical and structural underpinnings for all sectors of the economy as well as drivers of demand components for each country
  • The outlook for exports and imports of goods and services, income flows, portfolio flows, foreign direct investment, foreign borrowing and changes in foreign exchange reserves
  • A discussion of political developments likely to have an influence on economic policy
  • An analysis of local and international developments likely to affect exchange rates
  • Forecasts of inflation and the likely response of each country’s central bank to the inflation trajectory
  • An analysis of factors likely to affect the evolution of the local currency yield curve
  • An assessment of fiscal policy conduct and its impact on the economy and financial markets
  • A discussion of recent Eurobond price action and factors influencing pricing for those countries that have issued Eurobonds
  • Detailed tables and graphs of key historic and forecast data.